Log Entries - June 2001

Fri 1 9 Floxed MG-1s and MG-2s into position. Made second LB-18. 2
Sat 2 9 Glassed the other side of the landing brake. After some cure time I placed it in position in the fuselage to dry. Prepared and shaped all the foam for the landing gear cover. Glassed the scoop portion. 7
Sun 3 9 Had a visit from fellow builder Ryan Amendala of Monument, CO. He's near the end of Chapter 5 and wanted to see my project. We had a good chat and he is all pumped to make more progress. After he left I did more work on the landing brake. I mounted the brake and the actuator to determine the location of the mouting bracket. I drilled the hole and was ready to mount it when I realized I needed to beef up the seat back brace. Added 4 plied BID to each side. 1
Tue 5 9 Finished mounting the electric landing brake. Finished glassing the outside of the landing gear cover. 3
Thu 7 9 Removed the landing gear cover and sanded all the inside foam to shape. Marked all the glass edges. 1
Fri 8 9 Finished sanding and shaping the cover. Now ready to be glassed. Floxed the MKMGAs into the strut and positioned the strut in the fuselage for cure. 2
Sat 16 9 Glassed the underside of the landing gear cover, knife trimmed, and weighted down in place on the fuselage. Cleaned up the last layup on the strut. 3
Sun 17 9 Cleaned up the cover and drilled and tapped all the mounting holes. Cleaned up the workshop. 2
Sun 17 10 Cleaned up the cover and drilled and tapped all the mounting holes. Cleaned up the workshop. 5
Mon 18 11 Made the pair of elevator cutout templates from 1/8" masonite. 1
Mon 18 10 Match drilled the canard templates for the nail holes. Layed out the core foam and measured for the major cuts. 1
Tue 19 10 Began cutting the foam cores for the canard. The canard cores are cut to shape except for the spar cap troughs. 4
Wed 20 10 Had a visit from Chris Hofman - a potential builder from Greenwood Village (Denver suburb). He has ordered the info pack and wanted to see a project in progress. I suspect if he gets spousal approval he may order plans soon. Cut the spar cap troughs in the center and outer cores. I then realized I used the wrong jigs on the inboard cores and also forgot to cut off the outboard cores before cutting the troughs. 1
Fri 22 10 Recut the canard cores - correctly. Used extra foam intended for wing. William (visiting from Maryland) helped out. 3
Sat 23 10 Cleaned up the cores by sanding away some minor bumps. Made dowels and holes to align leading edges. Cut off leading edges. Made the two aluminum inserts. Test fit the cores, rounded edges, aligned in 2x4 jig, and microed the cores togther nice and straight. 5
Mon 25 10 Made recesses for lift tab inserts. Began making jigs for inserts. 1
Thu 28 10 Microed the lift tab inserts into the shear web face. 1
Sat 30 10 Prepped the canard for the shear web layup. Cut all the shear web layup fiberglass. Covered the lift tab insert holes with silicon. 3
Monthly Total 46