Log Entries - July 2001

Sun 1 10 Applied the glass for the shear web and added peel ply. 6
Tue 3 10 Removed peel ply. Drilled holes for lift tabs. Floxed lift tabs into place. 1
Wed 4 10 Cleaned up from last layup. Removed canard from 2x4s. Made the 10 K jigs, and the E and F jigs. 4
Fri 6 10 Prepared the leading edge cores to be attached to the rest of the canard. 2
Sun 8 10 Made 3 more "K" jigs. Test fit the cores and microed the leading edges and outer cores to the rest of the canard. 4
Mon 9 10 Prepared the canard for the spar cap layup. Made a jig for the 3" spar cap tape. 2
Monthly Total 19