Log Entries - September 2001

Sun 16 11 Made new elevator templates. Cut elevator cores with Shelly. Did one practice and four good ones. 3
Tue 18 11 Filed the torque tubes so the NC-2s would fit. Inserted NC-2s and drilled rivets holes. 2
Wed 19 11 Riveted the NC-2s into the torque tubes. Cut 3" off the end of each torque tube. Fit the cores to the tube and microed the cores to one of the torque tubes. 2
Thu 20 11 Microed the other pair of cores to the other torque tube. 1
Sat 22 10 Layed up the bottom spar cap on the canard. 10 layers total. 5
Sat 22 11 Made jigs H and I. Sanded the elevator leading edge foam to shape. 1
Sat 29 10 Sanded the spar cap and the cores to the remove all bumps and ensure everything was the proper shape. 2
Monthly Total 16