Log Entries - December 2002

Sat 14 13 Reattached nose lift with new mounting plates so wheel would fully retract into fuselage. 2
Sun 15 13 Began making mold for wheel cover. Need custom cover since I am doing custom gear doors. 1
Mon 16 13 Finished making the wheel cover mold. Cut all glass for strut cover, nose wheel cover, and rudder pedal mounts. 3
Tue 17 13 Glassed the wheel cover mold. Added bid reinforcements to rudder pedal attachments. 2
Wed 18 13 Removed foam from wheel cover, cleaned up glass and edges. Filled struct cover mold with plaster to make male mold. Cleaned up rudder pedal reinforcement layup. 2
Thu 19 13 Added plexiglass windows to nose wheel cover. Began mouting pedals. 2
Sat 21 13 Taped plexiglass on wheel cover. Made strut cover using new mold. Floxed washers in place for nose wheel bearing (NG-6A). Drilled rudder pedals for bolts. 5
Sun 22 13 Removed strut cover from mold. Cleaned up, trimmed, and fit in fuselage. Cleaned up nose wheel cover. Finished rudder pedals. 3
Monthly Total 20