Log Entries - April 2002

Tue 16 14 Began fixing the spar jig. I made a few minor mistakes in the ends. Being anal as usual but I'll feel better. 2
Thu 18 14 Finished fixing the spar jig and got it reassembled. Cut out the CS2 foam. 3
Sun 21 14 Finished cutting all the foam, CS1 - CS8. Hot glued all the supports to the front of the jig for CS3 foam. Sanded all foam to size - ready to be glued. 5
Thu 25 14 Glued the foam for three sides of the spar together in the jig. Cut all the aluminum hardpoints to length. Started rounding one end on each. 3
Mon 29 14 Finished making all the LWA pieces. Cut to size CS6 and CS7. 2
Tue 30 14 Finished cleaning all the aluminum hardpoints. Cleaned workbench and spar in preparation for glassing. 1
Monthly Total 16