Log Entries - May 2002

Wed 1 14 Cut all the glass for the inside layup. Marked the locations of all the LWA1s inside the spar. 2
Sat 4 14 Glassed 2/3rds of the inside of the spar. 5
Mon 6 14 Trimmed the previous layup and opened the holes in the CS6 and center bulkhead. 1
Tue 7 14 Finished the laying up the inside of the spar. 4
Thu 9 14 Trimmed the last of the spar inside layup. Microed and glassed the inside face of CS4. Rough cut all eight spar cap templates. 3
Sat 11 0 Today was the first annual Colorado Cozy Builders BBQ. In attendance was Jim Howerzyl, Curt Boyll, Rich Leto, Tom Tugan, and Rick Maddy. Lots of talk of airplanes and Cozys. After eating, much time was spent looking at Ricks plane. 0
Mon 13 14 Trimmed the last layup and microed the front face of the spar to the rest of the spar. Final sanded half of the spar cap jigs. 2
Thu 16 14 Removed spar from jig. Measured and marked depth of spar cap troughs in top and bottom - measure three times, cut once. Sanded bottom spar cap trough to shape. 4
Fri 17 14 After some triple checking I made the top spar cap trough. Measured and marked the front face bevels. Marked the locations for LWA4 and LWA5. Began removing foam for hardpoints. 4
Sun 19 14 Finished cutouts for hardpoints. Floxed hardpoints into place. Rounded edges for shear web. Cleaned up foam. Masked spar with tape and newspaper. Added 4 layer shear web, peel plied. 10
Tue 21 14 Removed peel ply and positioned spar for top spar cap layup. Built dam on aft edge. 3
Sat 25 14 Added the top spar cap using the 3" UNI tape. 24 layers (one extra) 11
Mon 27 14 Removed the dam from the top spar and built up the dam for the bottom spar. Prepared everything and added the bottom spar - 17 layers plus peel ply. 9
Wed 29 14 Sanded top spar, rounded edge. Cut bevel along top, front corner. 3
Fri 31 14 Sanded bottom spar cap, rounded edge. Cut bevel along bottom, front corner. Added four wood shoulder support blocks. 4
Monthly Total 65