Log Entries - June 2002

Sat 1 14 Cut all the glass and peel ply for the next layup. Finished cleaning. 1
Sun 2 14 Applied the next four layers of UNI to the spar, peel plied. 8
Tue 4 14 Added the outside hardpoints and reinforcements 3
Mon 10 14 Trimmed and sanded the edges of the last layup. Cut out the two access holes in the forward face of the spar. 2
Tue 11 14 Tapered foam around access holes 1
Wed 12 14 Finished the access holes. Cleaned and prepared and cut glass for next layup. 1
Thu 13 14 Did layup on front face of spar, trimmed and peel plied edges. 2
Fri 14 14 Trimmed previous layup. Made flox corners for end layups. Drilled two 2 1/4" access holes. Added spar end layup. 2
Sat 15 14 Trimmed last layup, put spar away until wings are done. 0
Sat 15 12 Cleaned the workshop and rearranged so I can mount the canard on the fuselage. Made the two headless bolts and drilled holes in doublers. Trimmed canard cutout so canard is level and at proper incidence. Requires 3/32" shim behind left tab. 5
Mon 17 12 Added 7 ply BID shim to F-22 for left lift tab. Began making alignment tabs. 1
Tue 18 12 Drilled lift tabs and F-22. Made alignment tabs, glued to trailing edge, added five plies BID to front. 3
Wed 19 12 Added the 4 plies BID to the other side of the alignment tabs 1
Fri 21 12 Finished the alignment tabs by trimming layups and drilling holes to size. Fit into fuselage. Made cutouts in fuselage sides for elevator offsets. Trimmed inboard ends of elevators to clear fuselage sides. 3
Sat 22 12 Finished the alignment tabs. Made the fillers for the gap between the fuselage and the canard. Added 1 ply BID over foam at fuselage cutout. 3
Sun 23 12 Cleaned up the last layup and floxed the alignment pins into place. 1
Mon 24 13 Cleaned and rearranged the workshop. Cut the strut to length. Sanded the strut to size for NG-15, NG-3, and NG-6. 3
Tue 25 13 Cut all the glass for the strut and added the first layer of BID, peel plied. Rough cut the NG-30 foam. Cut all the glass and peel ply for the NG-30's. Drilled holes in mounting plates. 3
Wed 26 13 Added four plies BID over both NG-30s. Made the 1/4" birch doublers, the two 1" square harpoints and the two 1/8" aluminum doublers. 3
Thu 27 13 Sanded the strut. Cut out both NG-30s. Sanded to same size, match drilled. Started depressions. 3
Fri 28 13 Finished bevel on last doubler. Cut rest of glass for NG-30 layups. Made three depression in other NG-30. Added second layer to strut. Layed up 15 layers BID for the hardpoints. 4
Sun 30 13 Finished trimming and sanding the last layup on the nose strut. Cut out six of the 15 layer BID hardpoints. 1
Monthly Total 54