Log Entries - July 2002

Mon 1 13 Added all the glass, harpoints, and doublers to the outside of each NG-30. 3
Tue 2 13 Trimmed the previous layup. Match drilled all the holes and sanded all the edges to be even and square. Cut the recess on the inside surfaces for NG-6. Added the two plies bid to the recess. 3
Tue 9 13 Finished making NG-14s. Assembled NG-30s, NG-14s, mouting plates, and NG-6. Floxed strut to NG-6. 2
Wed 10 13 Made NG-5 - had to use a hacksaw to cut 1/4" aluminum. Drilled 4 3/16" holes. Screws a bit too short. 2
Mon 22 13 Finished squeezing MKNG-4 to size. Floxed NG-5, NG-3, and NG-4 into position. 3
Fri 26 13 Drilled NG-4 holes using NG-3 as guide. Assembled NG-30s and strut. Made F-0 and F-5. Glassed and attached to NG-30s, BID taped and peel plied. 4
Tue 30 13 Cut out NG-31 and NG-32. Rearranged workshop. Cleaned up last layup. 2
Wed 31 13 Glassed front of F-0 and one side each of NG-31 and NG-32 1
Monthly Total 20