Log Entries - September 2002

Mon 16 13 Glued the nose bottom foam into place. Attached some foam aft of F-22 to remove the "joggle". 1
Tue 17 13 Carved out the inside face of the nose sides including parts A,B,and C for both the left and right sides. 4
Wed 18 13 Cleaned shop of all the foam dust. Cleaned foam for glassing. 2
Thu 19 13 Cut all the glass for the nose sides, inside layup 1
Fri 20 13 Glassed bottom, inside of nose 2
Sun 22 13 Glassed sides of nose. Attached side to fuselage. 4
Mon 23 13 Trimmed side for canard. Drilled F-22 for bushings. Floxed bushing into place. Made nut plates. 4
Tue 24 13 Attached canard bolt nut plates to aft face of F-22 1
Wed 25 13 Put canard away. One of the bolts was glued - oops. Took a bit to get it out. Attached NG-15 to the nose strut. Flipped the fuselage. 2
Thu 26 13 Traced nose gear and figured location for gear doors. Cut fuselage bottom for nose gear. 2
Fri 27 13 Built a mold from Urethane foam to make my own strut cover (SC) 4
Sun 29 13 Tried to put tape on inside of SC mold - gave up. Opened rudder pedal holes in NG-30s to 3/4". Added pedal mounts (foam and nutplates). 5
Monthly Total 32