Log Entries - February 2003

Sat 1 13 Worked on pitot tube and static tubes. Made wedge for heat duct. 3
Sun 2 13 Cut foam for nose forward of F-0. Dished out ballast compartment. Taped nose wheel cover. Glassed heat duct wedge. Microed static tube into fuselage side. 4
Mon 3 13 Cut block for nose top. Began making foam parts to level tops of sides. 2
Tue 4 13 Added foam to top of nose sides to level it off for the top piece. 1
Tue 4 19 Final sanded wing jigs 2
Wed 5 19 Cleaned up workshop. Finished all wing/winglet templates by copying numbers and waterlines to reverse sides. 2
Fri 7 19 Began laying out wing foam and cutting planforms. 3
Sat 8 19 All six wing sections have been cut to planform. Ready to cut airfoils. 4
Sun 9 19 Made more jigs so spar troughs can be cut in two steps. Prepped and cut right wing, center section. Prepped other two right wing sections for cutting. 4
Tue 11 19 Cut the right inboard core. Had the help of a possible future Cozy builder by the name of Doug Eglseder. The big surprise was to find out that he works at the same company I started as last week - Jeppesen. 1
Sat 15 19 Cut airfoil shape for right outboard and left inboard cores. 1
Sat 15 9 Leveled fuselage and measured location for axles on the strut. Figured out how the axle and wheel should be positioned. Made the aluminum backing plates. Made a template for the brake to trace on the strut. Shaped one side of the strut to accept the brake. 6
Sun 16 19 Cut left outboard airfoil. Prepped left center cores. 1
Sun 16 9 Carved other strut end. Measured everything to mark far wall for toe-in. Prepped everything for BID and flox layup. 3
Mon 17 13 Made plywood mount for puck. Microed the lower foam forward of F-0. 1
Mon 17 19 Cut last airfoil - left center section. Prepped a couple of cores to wire cut leading edges. 1
Wed 19 19 Cut all airfoils at the front of the spar cap trough. 3
Thu 20 19 Arranged all the wing cores. Some have warped - letting sit a few days. Made some straight templates to hold core parts together so can make FC1 - FC5. 2
Sun 23 19 Began microing the cores together. 2
Tue 25 19 Finished gluing the cores together to make FC1-5. Cut the electrical channel and aileron cutouts in the left wing cores. 3
Tue 25 19 Finished cutting all the holes and aileron cutouts in all the wing cores. 2
Wed 26 19 Cut inboard ribs on FC1 cores 1
Monthly Total 52