Log Entries - November 2003

Sat 1 19 Cut out right aileron. Shaped foam inside wing. Cut out all aileron hinges. 6
Sun 2 19 Prepared for and performed right wing trailing edge spar layup. 5
Mon 3 19 Fit A3 and A4s onto aileron. Fit A10 into aileron. Cut leading edge foam for A13s. 2
Tue 4 19 Trimmed and sanded wing trailing edge spar. Trimmed aileron to length for 1/8" gap at each end. Cut A13 to length. Microed into place the A2 and A5s and A13s to aileron. 4
Wed 5 19 Prepared for and added 1 BID to leading edge of aileron. Cut hinge recesses in wing trailing edge. 3
Thu 6 19 Mounted hinges onto wing and aileron. 4
Fri 7 19 Adjusted hinges to get aileron perfectly positioned. Made mount for wing root bearing. Test fit universal and torque tube. Trimmed left wing foam - leading edge, center core. 4
Sat 8 19 Rearranged by putting left wing on table for bottom spar cap layup. Fully prepared wing for layup. 3
Sun 9 19 Added bottom spar cap to left wing. 6
Mon 10 19 Cut glass for inboard rib layup. Removed spar cap dam. 1
Tue 11 19 Glassed inboard rib of right wing. 3
Wed 12 19 Cut glass for outboard right wing rib. Removed foam at ends of right aileron. 1
Thu 13 19 Glassed outboard rib of right wing. Added 2 UND strips over wing attach. Added 1 BID over LWA7. Glassed aileron ribs. 3
Fri 14 19 Trimmed rib layups. Drilled CS127s for stop bolt. Test fit belcrank parts. Sanded left wing bottom and spar cap. 4
Sat 15 19 Finished all prep work for left wing bottom layup. Finished mounting aileron and all controls in wing root. 6
Sun 16 19 Completed glassing of left wing bottom with the help of George Barta. 7
Mon 17 19 Knife trimmed wing bottom layup. Finished sanding right wing rib. Hung right wing up from ceiling. 2
Tue 18 13 Remounted left brake cylinder mount. Glassed forward storage area. Mounted brake fluid resevoirs. Mounted heat duct wedge. 2
Sat 29 19 Prepared left wing for top spar cap. 2
Sun 30 19 Added top spar cap to left wing. 7
Monthly Total 75