Log Entries - July 2003

Tue 1 19 Glued some of the small foam pieces onto the cores 1
Tue 1 9 Remeasured gear setup to mount axles 1
Wed 2 9 Added three bid to strut, floxed axle backing plate and made flox pad for axle - all clamped into place for proper toe-in. 2
Wed 2 19 Glued pieces from wing root back into place on FC1 1
Thu 3 9 Cleaned up BID and flox. Drilled holes for axles. Test mounted brakes and wheels. Began figuring out brake lines and fittings. 4
Sat 5 19 Cleanup a bit to make room for wing jig. Leveled jig. 2
Sat 5 19 Positioned right wing cores into jig - wow, is that wing big! 1
Mon 7 19 Glued the three right wing trailing edge cores together in the wing jig. 2
Tue 8 19 Made LWA6 and two LWA4. Sanded spar cap trough smooth. Started fixing spar cap trough on bottom of FC1. 3
Wed 9 19 Cut out both bolt access slots. Made W-18 covers. Finished cleaning up shear web face. 2
Thu 10 19 Glassed 2 BID inside bolt access areas. 1
Thu 10 20 Cutting winglet foam to shape and size 2
Sat 12 19 Microed LWA4 and LWA6 into place. Added aluminum tape cover. Made LWA2 and LWA3. 2
Sat 12 20 Foam all cut and shaped and ready for hotwire 2
Sat 12 19 Final sanding of shear web faces. 1
Sun 13 20 Cutout all the winglet cores. Glued all pieces together. Need to redo one of the lower winglets - first had bad twist from template misplacement. Set up foam and templates for redo. 4
Mon 14 20 Cut new lower winglet. Sanded other lower winglet to shape. 1
Tue 15 20 Finished sanding all winglets. Added 1" urethane foam to tops of winglets. 2
Thu 17 20 Finished prepping winglets for glassing. Cut all glass and peel ply for outboard layup. 3
Tue 22 20 Glassed outboard side of right winglet. Peel plied edges. Knife trimmed LE and TE. Added micro to TE. 3
Wed 23 20 Glassed outboard sides of both lower winglets. Knife trimmed LE and TE. Added micro to TE. Cut fishtail off of right upper winglet - sanded smooth. 4
Fri 25 20 Prepared antenna for right winglet. Cut coax and copper tape. Soldered. Cut groove for coax in foam. 2
Fri 25 19 More prep work for shear web layup. Check fit of leading edge cores. 1
Sun 27 20 Glassed outboard side of left winglet. Knife trimmed and added micro on TE. 3
Sun 27 13 Shaped sides, bottom, and bottom corners of nose. 2
Mon 28 13 Finished shaping bottom of nose. Added plywood that goes under puck. Added foam to strut. 3
Monthly Total 55