Log Entries - August 2003

Thu 7 20 Cut rest of glass and peel ply for other side of all winglets. 1
Thu 7 19 Cut all glass and peel ply for shear web layup. 1
Sat 9 20 Made other COM antenna. Mounted both COM antennas onto upper winglets. Cut off and shaped other three fish tails. 3
Sat 9 20 Finished preparing all winglets for final glassing. 2
Sat 9 19 Added shear web to right wing. Added leading edge cores to wing. 7
Mon 11 20 Glass outboard side of right upper winglet 3
Wed 13 20 Glassed inboard side of other upper winglet. 2
Fri 15 19 Moved wing to bench in preparation for bottom spar cap layup. 2
Sun 17 19 Setup wing on workbench for bottom sparcap layup. Fully prepped and ready for layup. 3
Sun 17 19 Added spar cap to right wing bottom. 6
Wed 20 19 Sanded spar cap, sanded foam, filling gaps. 2
Thu 21 19 Finished prepping wing bottom for glassing - sanded foam, marked locations for peel ply and glass, cut glass and peel ply. 2
Thu 21 13 Finished preparing nose bottom for glassing. 1
Fri 22 13 Glassed and peel plied nose bottom. 3
Sat 23 19 Glassed the right wing bottom. Had help from George Barta, d'Armond Speers, and Jim Howerzyl. Trimmed layed and added micro to trailing edge. Forget peel ply under first layup for aileron and trailing edge - oops. 6
Mon 25 19 Sanded edges of layup and trailing edge. Removed wing from jigs. Mounted other half of jigs to table and set wing in place, top up, for fit test. 2
Wed 27 19 Sanded wing jigs enough to get wing setting correctly in them. 1
Wed 27 13 Sanded edges of nose bottom layup. Sanded edges of cut in bottom along strut. Sanded clearance in plywood for strut when open. 1
Thu 28 19 Finished prep work for top spar cap layup. 2
Sat 30 19 Added top spar cap to right wing. 6
Monthly Total 56