Log Entries - September 2003

Mon 15 20 Glassed other side of lower winglets. 2
Tue 16 20 Cleaned up edges of all winglets. 1
Tue 16 13 BID taped strut cover to strut 1
Wed 17 19 Prepping right wing top - sanding smooth. Marking locations for rudder conduit and NAV2 antenna. 3
Thu 18 19 Finished sanding foam and spar cap. Filled core gaps with foam slivers and micro. Began laying out coax for NAV antenna. 3
Sat 20 19 Added NAV2 antenna. Added rudder conduit. Marked boundaries for all layups. 3
Sat 20 13 Cut and attached nose bumper (hockey puck) 1
Sun 21 9 Flipped fuselage and cleaned up edges of landing gear bulkheads. Cut 3/8" foam to seal top between two bulkheads. Glassed outsides of foam. 4
Mon 22 9 Floxed cover into place. Glassed top of cover between landing gear bulkheads. 4
Thu 25 19 Finished prep work (cleaning, cutting glass and peel ply) for glassing wing top. 2
Fri 26 13 Looked over how to do pitot tube and brake fluid resevoirs. 1
Sat 27 19 Glassed top of right wing with the help of George Barta, Jim Howerzyl, and Evan Genaud. 9
Sun 28 13 Removed crooked brake cylinder mount with chisel and hair dryer heat. Make mounting brakets for brake resevoirs. 2
Monthly Total 36