Log Entries - February 2004

Sun 1 19 Trimmed last layup. Cut holes in wing ribs and wing attach points. 1
Mon 2 19 Notched wing trailing edge for hinges. Fit A2, A10, and A5s in aileron. 3
Tue 3 19 Prepared for and glassed one BID on leading edge of left aileron. 3
Wed 4 19 Drilled and mounted hinges to left wing trailing edge. 2
Sat 7 19 Mounted hinges to aileron. Sanded gaps to size. Removed foam on end of aileron. 4
Sun 8 19 Made CS151 and riveted CS129. Mounted all control hardware for left aileron. Just need to tweak length of CS129 via rodends. 3
Mon 9 19 Finished controls in wing root. Cleaned up. Just need to glass aileron ends. 1
Tue 10 13 Added foam to top forward portion of nose. Glassed one side of plug going under F-5. 1
Tue 10 19 Glassed ends of left aileron. Added last ply over LWA7 in wing root. 1
Wed 11 13 Removed nose strut and retract. Cleaned up and refitted with proper hardware. Tightened it all up. Tightened up rudder pedals. 4
Thu 12 19 Cleaned out garage. Set wings and spar on floor. Test fit right wing to spar. Drilled six 1/4" holes through spar harpoints. 3
Fri 13 19 Positioned both wings and the spar. Added 9/16" dihedral to both wing tips to get top of wing and spar to line up better. Final positioned right wing and spar. Clamped in place. Drilled 1/4" hole through inboard attach point in wing. 3
Sat 14 19 Finished drilling all 1/4" holes through spar and wings. Began drilling 5/8" holes. 3
Sun 15 19 Finished drilling all the holes in the wings and spar. Attached level boards on the spar. 4
Tue 17 19 Added missing reinforcement layer on outboard wing attach points of right wing. Filled and glassed inboard holes on forward face of spar. 2
Wed 18 19 Measured and cut all 12 LWA9 inserts. 3
Thu 19 19 Floxed all the inserts into the wings and spar. Aligned wings and spar, placed bolts in place to keep inserts inline. 3
Sat 21 13 Lots of loose ends on the nose. Mounting brake cylinders. Adjusting nose retract. 2
Mon 23 13 Hooked up nose retract switch and wires. Adjusted micro switch for proper shutoff when fully up. Cut rudder pedals to avoid fuselage sides. Mounted brake cylinders. 2
Tue 24 13 Finished figuring out nose retract wiring. Mounted rudder pedals again after trimming pilot's left pedal some more. 1
Thu 26 13 Taped pitot tube to fuselage side. Taped in piece below F-5. Taped heat duct deflector. 1
Fri 27 16 Floxed CS109 and CS118 onto right side of fuselage. 1
Sat 28 16 Mounted CS109 and CS118 onto left side of fuselage. 1
Sat 28 18 Working out dimensions for turtleback with front raised about 1.25 inches. 2
Sun 29 16 Met with Joe Keeley of 301 to get brass bushing bored out. Glassed CS109s and CS118s with 2 BID each, each side. 3
Sun 29 18 Produced CAD file for raised turtleback. 2
Monthly Total 59