Log Entries - April 2004

Sun 4 18 Sanded turtleback jigs to shape. Cut notches for 2x4s 2
Sun 4 24 Glassed inside of right armrests. Glassed map pockets. 2
Mon 5 24 Trimmed front right armrest to fit in place. Cut and trimmed map pockets. Cut armrest to fit map pocket. 2
Tue 6 24 Trimmed rear right armrest. Made transition block for front right armrest. 2
Thu 8 18 Began assembling the turtleback jig. 3
Sat 10 18 Finished building turtleback jig. Added first two 6" strips of foam. 5
Sun 11 18 Added most of foam to turtleback jig. One piece to go. 4
Tue 13 18 Finished adding curved foam. Added some metal strips to cleanup a few seams. 2
Thu 15 18 Finished adding metal strips. Added 3" foam on top. Sanded all to shape and rounded corners. 2
Sat 17 18 Finished sanding foam. Added tape to foam seams (doesn't stick well). Ready for layup. George Barta came over and helped glass. Completed micro, glass, and peel ply. 6
Tue 20 18 Trimmed last layup. Sanded edge along jig 1 smooth. Created CAD file for bulkhead to match proper height and headrests. 3
Wed 21 18 Cut bulkhead and fit into turtleback. Cut all glass and peel ply for both sides and tapes. 2
Thu 22 18 Glassed and peel plied front of TB-1. 1
Sat 24 18 Glassed other side of TB-1. Marked cutline on turtleback. Drilled lots of little holes to mark line. Added drip rail foam and glassed. 6
Sun 25 16 Attached right rudder conduit with 5-minute epoxy. 2
Sun 25 18 Trimmed and cut openings in TB-1. 2
Mon 26 16 Added some flox and BID tape every 6" along the right rudder conduit. 1
Mon 26 18 Floxed and taped the TB-1 into place on the turtleback. 2
Tue 27 18 Removed turtleback from jig. Sanded foam smooth. Sanded leading edge straight. Removed 1" foam from leading edge. Sanded leading edge depression. 4
Wed 28 18 Finished sanded recesses on turtleback. Made and installed aluminum hardpoint. 2
Monthly Total 55