Log Entries - May 2004

Sat 1 24 Final prep work to glass armrests. Put tape in place on fuselage. Trimmed map pocket. Glued front transition piece. 2
Sat 1 18 Finished prep work to glass outsite of turtleback. Added some boards to hold shape. Cut lots of peel ply. 1
Sun 2 24 Glassed right rear armrest. Cut glass for front right armrest. 3
Sun 2 18 Glassed the outside of the turtleback with the help of George. Peel plied the whole thing. 5
Thu 6 24 Removed and trimmed the right rear armrest. 1
Thu 6 18 Trimmed turtleback. 1
Fri 7 24 Glassed right front armrest. 2
Sat 8 18 Layed out location of left side windows. Measured and cut front left window. Masked with tape and plastic. Cut hole for front left window and test file window. 5
Sun 9 18 Cut other three windows to size. Cut other three window openings in turtleback. All windows now ready to be floxed into place. 6
Thu 13 24 Trimmed front right armrest. Drilled holes for both right side armrest - filled with flox. 1
Thu 13 18 Floxed windows into turtleback. 4
Sat 15 24 Cut all foam for front left armrest. Glued pieces with 5-minute. Made transition piece. 6
Sun 16 24 Cut and assembled all foam for left rear armrest. 5
Mon 24 24 Glassed inside of both left side armrests. 3
Thu 27 24 Trimmed and sanded last layup. Sanded outside of armrests. 1
Sat 29 24 Glassed outside of left rear armrest. Attached left map pocket and electrical conduit. Cut left armrest for map pocket. 6
Sun 30 24 Glassed left front armrest. Floxed left rear electrical conduit into place. Trimmed left rear armrest. Cut out front and rear seat supports. 7
Monthly Total 59