Log Entries - May 2005

Sun 1 24 Floxed together pieces of the aft heating duct cover. 2
Sun 1 7 Removed and shaped foam on right fuselage side around the spar cutout in compliance with clarifications in newsletter 78. 2
Sun 1 17 Began designing and making mounting frame for landing light. 4
Fri 6 7 Removed foam from LWX and upper longeron on left side of fuselage. 1
Fri 6 24 Sanded heat duct cover to shape and prepared for glassing. Cut glass for heat duct cover and landing brake cover. 1
Sun 8 24 Glassed rear heating duct cover. Glassed landing brake cover. 4
Mon 9 24 Trimmed heating duct cover and landing brake cover. 1
Mon 9 17 Added and trimmed UNI on CZRT-3's 1
Tue 10 9 Planning routing and parts required for brake lines. 2
Fri 13 9 Cut all the 1/4" tubing to go from the reservoirs to the cylinders to the parking brake. Cut the 3/16" tubing to go from the parking brake to the landing gear bulkhead. Cut all the tubing that will be glued to the fuselage side. Mapped the path of the tubing. Cut holes in seatback. 3
Sat 14 9 Finished prep work for brake line mounts. Attached brake line tubes with 5-minute then flox and 1 BID tape. 4
Sat 14 17 Floxed CZRT-3 into place and taped. 1
Sun 15 9 Mounted brake reservoirs and added pipe fittings to reservoirs and master cylinders. Connected reservoirs to master cylinders with 1/4" tubing. 1
Sun 15 18 Floxed canopy hinges to fuselage. Drilled and countersunk all the screw holes. Made and mounted nut plate under center hole of aft hinge. 3
Sun 15 8 Glued two halves of shoulder support together. Fixed four nut plates for seat belt attachments. 2
Fri 20 8 Glassed the inside of the shoulder support. 2
Fri 20 24 Added BID tapes to landing brake cover while in place in the fuselage. 1
Sat 21 8 Trimmed shoulder support inside layup. Floxed nut plates onto shoulder support. Drilled 1" hole in seatback under upper longeron for canopy latch. 2
Sat 21 9 Ran brake lines through mouting tubes. Made mount for parking brake. Floxed to fuselage side. 1
Sun 22 8 Added overhang pieces of BID to shoulder support. After waiting a few hours, floxed shoulder support to seatback and wet out tapes. 2
Wed 25 8 Prepared shoulder support for glassing. Cut all glass and peel ply. 1
Thu 26 8 Glassed shoulder support. Added UNI reinforcements of seat belt shoulder attach points. Peel plied where needed. 3
Fri 27 8 Trimmed shoulder support layup. 1
Sat 28 8 Cut all glass for head rests. Prepped head rests for glassing. Glassed and peel plied head rests. 4
Sun 29 25 Sandblasted the fuselage bottom, landing brake, and gear cover. Covered entire fuselage top with plastic to minimize collection of debris. 4
Mon 30 17 Cut hole in fuselage bottom for landing light. 1
Tue 31 17 Finished cutting hole to shape in fuselage bottom for landing light. 1
Tue 31 25 Course filled landing brake and gear cover with micro. Used 9 fluid ounces of micro ballons to 4 squirts of epoxy. 3
Monthly Total 58