Log Entries - June 2005

Wed 1 25 Sanded and cleaned fuselage bottom - ready for course fill. 1
Fri 3 18 Masked the outside of the four windows in the turtleback. First used a layer of 3M high quality electrical tape. Then added a layer of painters masking tape. 2
Sat 4 18 Cut and sanded some foam to fill the void around the window cutouts on the inside of the turtleback. Masked the perimeter of two windows. All this was done on the right side. 4
Sun 5 25 Course filled fuselage bottom and nose gear doors. Required 20 batches of dry micro using 3 gallons of micro balloons and 160 squirts of epoxy (8 at a time). 8
Tue 7 25 Made a stiff sanding board 15.5"x2.75". It was supposed to be 16.5" but I screwed up. Cleaned up edges of micro around nose gear, landing brake, and gear cover. Put nose gear in closed position, attached landing brake and gear cover. Began sanding bottom with 36 grit. 4
Sun 12 25 Built a 33" sanding block and a 16.5" flexible sanding block. Continued sanding and sanding and sanding the fuselage bottom with 36 grit. 4
Monthly Total 23