Log Entries - August 2006

Mon 7 14 Trimmed spar cutout in fuselage to get spar to sit properly. Mounted canard as reference. Lots of test fitting and measuring to get perfect. 3
Tue 8 14 Sanded all mating surfaces on spar and fuselage. Prepard area for EM-2. 2
Wed 9 14 Made both EM-2 hard points. 2
Fri 11 18 Working on filler around windows on inside of turtleback. 2
Sat 12 18 Finished prep work to reinstall window cut out skins inside turtleback. 3
Sun 13 18 Installed foam filler and glassed and taped the removed glass on the two pilot side windows. 2
Sun 13 14 Floxed in the two EM-2 hard points and added one ply BID. Floxed the spar to the fuselage. 2
Mon 14 18 Finished prep and installed removed glass around passenger side windows. 2
Tue 15 14 Cutting tapes for spar. 2
Thu 17 8 Opened seatbelt mounting holes in shoulder support 1
Thu 17 14 Finished cutting BID and peel ply for spar tapes. Sanded tape areas. 2
Fri 18 14 Added glass to fuselage sides around spar cutout. Added tapes to top of spar - inboard and outboard. Added tapes to front of spar - outboard. Added tapes to bottom of spar - outboard. 5
Sat 19 14 Added tapes along lower firewall and spar. Added tapes to front of spar along fuselage side and landing gear bulkhead. 3
Sun 20 14 Finished the main taping of the spar. 1
Sun 20 18 Trimmed upper firewall. Fit it to fuselage and spar. Floxed it into place on the upper longerons. 3
Mon 21 18 Fitting turtleback to fuselage and firewall. Had some interference at the shoulder support with TB-1 and with aft hinge on the flange. Taped inside of all the windows. 3
Tue 22 18 Finished test fitting turtleback. Sanded aft end straight to fit firewall. Floxed turtleback into place on fuselage. Triple checked the position. Made BL-0 template. Traced other four canopy templates. Cut tapes for turtleback and firewall. 4
Thu 24 18 Trimmed turtleback flange. Taped outside of turtleback along firewall and longerons. 3
Fri 25 18 Began trimming canopy to fit. Cut corners to fix turtleback. Cut notches for IP. Trying to figure out correct height in front. 3
Sat 26 18 After a lot of mental gymnastics I trimmed the canopy such that it appears correct. It has been rough cut to leave 1/4" above the turtleback. The outside has been masked with electrical tape, plastic, bubble wrap, and two layers of duct tape. 9
Sun 27 18 Building canopy deck platform. More migranes trying to figure out how to cut canopy. 4
Tue 29 18 Finshed canopy deck platform. Rough cut canopy to be 3/4" from tape line forward of IP. 2
Wed 30 18 Finished trimming and sanding canopy edges. Masking canopy interior. 2
Monthly Total 65