Log Entries - October 2006

Wed 4 18 Cleaned up and sanded drip rail. Began sanding canopy deck foam. 2
Thu 5 18 Completed bulk of inside canopy frame sanding. 3
Fri 6 18 Finished shaping canopy deck foam. Cut out foam for hinge pads. 2
Wed 11 18 Made 1/8" depression for hinge mouting area. Cut 1/8" boards for hinge pads. Cut 0.016"x2"x18" aluminum. 2
Sun 15 18 Glued 1/64" aluminum to canopy deck. Began cutting class for hard points. 2
Wed 18 18 Finished cutting all glass for canopy frame hard points. Added flox and glass to both sets of canopy hinge hard points. 4
Thu 19 18 Built flox/BID hardpoints for canopy latches. Added 2 BID tape to drip rail. Cut hinges for removable fuselage top. 4
Fri 20 18 Made doublers for removable top. Floxed doublers into place on longerons. 3
Sat 21 18 Sanding and prepared for BID tapes around upper firewall and turtleback and BID for removable top doublers. Cut all glass for prepared areas. 4
Sun 22 18 Taped upper firewall to spar and turtleback. Taped turtleback interior to longerons. Taped removable fuselage doublers. 4
Wed 25 18 Trimmed the two rectangular firewall pieces to fit in place. Cut and shaped 1/4" foam to fit against spar. 2
Monthly Total 32